Change is constant in life and business. Count on it. Methods companies use to attract, vet and hire talent change regularly. Most companies focus more on logistics than assessment. Owning and using the most cutting edge psychometric tools to remain competitive in the never-ending talent war means the difference between simply filling empty roles versus constantly diagnosing, measuring and aligning engaged and productive teams consisting of people who are an exact fit. Indeed, if your talent strategy doesn’t align with your business strategy you’re in trouble.

Staying current means everything when you’re competing for talent and trying to understand how to best utilize staff. Companies can not interview and hire candidates that will be happy to do the exact job for long periods of time, understand current and future staff’s communication, management, and work styles, and insure fit, retention, high morale and resulting profitability without a scientifically validated solution like The Predictive Index®.

We know the only way to stay current is to be talking with people all day every day to gain perspective. Specifically for companies, understanding the most up-to-date talent tool is critical. For job seekers, talking with experts in job search, talent, and career branding is the smartest thing you can do.

Not a day goes by when we’re not talking to people at all levels in a myriad of different companies. Executive teams, hiring managers, corporate recruiters, and candidates in multiple industries with varying levels of experience. This is the only way to stay current with market trends and best practices.  These conversations are non-stop intelligence gathering. They are power. Our perspective and counsel is informed by these conversations, and you benefit from this collective intelligence.


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