Change is a constant in life and business. Methods companies use to vet and hire talent changes regularly and understanding these new rules, processes, and expectations can mean the difference between getting the job or being left behind. Staying current means everything when you’re competing in the ever-evolving job market, and the only way to stay current is to be talking with people all day, every day, to gain perspective. Specifically for job seekers, talking with experts in job search, talent, and career branding, is the smartest thing you can do.

Not a day goes by when I’m not talking to people at all levels in a myriad of different companies. Hiring managers, corporate recruiters, and candidates in multiple industries with varying levels of experience. This is the only way to stay current with the market’s pulse.  These conversations are non-stop intelligence gathering. They are power. My perspective and counsel is informed by these conversations, and you benefit from this collective intelligence.

If you have questions about how to build upon the work experience you already have to find a new job or career, or how to plan and make a job or career change, I’d love to speak with you.



I created this 3-3-3 Fast-Track Career Coaching process for people who were not interested in spending several months, and several thousand dollars, to arrive at the same conclusions they can reach in a matter of 3 weeks for a fraction of the cost.

If we fail to determine your top 2 to 3 job or career targets and position you perfectly for them, I’ll refund your money. In three decades I’ve never been asked for a refund. Ever.

  • Three weeks

  • Three hours

  • Three areas of concentration




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