Understanding the executive recruitment process can save you more than just time. Resources, budget, reputation, and the health of your brand all come into play when you are filling any position. Make sure you’re optimally exploiting the recruitment process. Have your marketing team provide your recruiters with soundbites, materials, and tools to optimally tell pertinent stories.

Lesser experienced internal “generalist” recruiters provide little to no credibility when speaking with industry-specific candidates who want information about what is happening in the market, and with competitive companies. Their perspective is narrow, whereas a seasoned executive recruiter can easily address market trends and competitive companies from first-hand experience. Candidates expect recruiters to know specifics about what is happening inside competitive companies, and they want career counseling from veterans with anecdotal experience They want perspective based on sound market intelligence.

How a company goes to search and approaches candidates indeed reflects the importance the company puts on attracting top talent.

Additionally, internal recruiters rely heavily on advertising and social media;  the amount of searches they do concurrently is enormous which makes any passive candidate outreach impossible because of time and volume constraints. Passive candidates are not responding to ads on social media, they need to be proactively recruited.

The Truth About Mistakes

As competition for executive talent remains intense, more and more companies are finding it imperative to hire executive recruiters to focus exclusively on their mission-critical hires. Why? One mistake in hiring and a company can suffer major strategic setbacks. A CareerBuilder survey found “43 percent of respondents said they made a bad hire because they felt they needed to hire someone quickly.” Also, “1 in 5 respondents (22 percent) to the CareerBuilder survey said they lacked the skills to interview and hire people effectively.”

Well-known recruiter Jörgen Sundberg puts the cost of onboarding an employee at $240,000. And, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, the price of a bad hire is at least 30 percent of the employee’s first-year earnings. For a small company, a five-figure investment in the wrong person is a threat to the business.

What’s more, few companies have the bandwidth to deal with an activity as intense and demanding as time intensive full-blown executive level search work.

Making poor decisions in executive recruitment can prove to be costly – very costly.

Why Hire Shulman Associates?

Shulman Associates scores high in all important measurements. We have an unblemished track record of performance. All of our business comes from referrals from satisfied candidates and clients. We do not proactively market ourselves simply because we don’t’ need to.

We recruit for positions that interesting, and compelling. We’re industry and functionally agnostic. Finally. One can only make this claim after decades of search experience. At a certain “search is search, whether it’s a COO, engineer, actuary, Head of School, development executive or Head of HR.

A search done properly is a process executed flawlessly. Again, how a company choices to fill critical positions reflects who are they as a company.

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