The Fast-Track-3-3-3 Career Coaching process was created out of necessity and in response to client’s demand to forego spending thousands of dollars and multiple months on career coaching. This bespoke “Fast Track” career coaching process enables people to expedite and condense their skill-set assessment and evaluation, opportunity research, and career branding processes into a 3 week period so they can more efficiently, affordably and quickly get on with the business of their job and career searches.

3 Weeks

This exceptional tried and proven process spans just 3 weeks. You won’t be bored. In fact, you’ll be totally engaged. We cover a lot of ground, quickly. You schedule the start time for our telephone or Zoom meetings, at your convenience, using my online calendar. Simple and easy.

3 Hours

Our first meeting is the longest and typically lasts 45-60 minutes. It takes place over the phone which is less distracting than online conferencing. Subsequent meetings typically last 20, 30 or 40 minutes. The time it takes you to complete a reasonable list of deliverables determines when you schedule our next call. By the end of our third hour of working together, you’ll have a precise step-by-step roadmap for moving forward, and you’ll be perfectly branded (LI profile, resumes and cover letters, interview techniques) and positioned for success.

3 Segments

We cover 3 critical areas to support your success: Skillset assessment and evaluation, Opportunity research, and Personal branding: perfecting your LinkedIn profile, resume(s), cover letter(s). You’ll also be coached on the interview process.


A career coach leads you through a process by which you address questions you’ve never asked yourself. You’re led to a place of clarity so you can think clearly and definitively and get comfortable with your job or career goals. This is an exciting process of discovery and new beginnings. This is a time for listening to your inner voice and getting in touch with your desires so you can pursue and get the job or career you really want.
A successful career coach addresses the questioning, anxiety, and stress one typically experiences during a job or career change. This Fast-Track-3-3-3 Career Coaching process swiftly guides you through a discovery process to realistically acknowledge your innate skills and strengths – and weakness – with the goal of ideating, and ultimately deciding upon and getting the work you truly want. Most career coaches go slow because they want you to keep coming back, their programs are structured to last for several months and cost several thousand dollars. I take a more proactive and assertive approach because we have 3 weeks to get you properly positioned for success. I consistently provide insights, observations, and direction, and am available to you any time throughout the process.

Coaching Tailored To Your Needs

Nothing about the Fast-Track-3-3-3 Career Coaching process is boilerplate because every person’s skill sets, background, needs, and challenges are unique. Together we’ll discover and address your specific goals, and define your successful search strategy, keeping in mind your unique work and life experience. This is not a “one size fits all” process. Much to the contrary, a custom-tailored approach is essential for each client.

The Right Career Coach For You

I’m unique in the world of career coaches because as an executive recruiter and career coach I’ve been helping people change and choose their jobs and careers since 1985. Most career coaches approach their work from a psychological or therapeutic perspective, they coach more by principle and best practices, not from practical experience working with hiring managers and companies. I’ve yet to find a career coach who has also been a successful recruiter, executive search consultant and talent advisor.

I was also an early entrant into the career coaching space. In the late 90s, I trained with David Rock, a pioneer in career coach instruction and certification. I’ve spoken to and counseled thousands of candidates in every imaginable industry, from entry level to the C-suite, all of whom were in the process of changing jobs or careers. And I’ve worked with hundreds of hiring managers from a wide variety of companies and industries.

Most career coaches will agree there’s a certain degree of pragmatism and mastery of subtle nuance required when repackaging someone’s career and work history. What makes me unique, and provides you with a value-add you’ll not find from any other coach, is 3 decades of hearing feedback from hiring managers and corporate HR departments about what they want to read, see and hear from candidates. I pass along all this data, plus so much more, to you.

Be forewarned – I take a very direct approach; I challenge your assumptions and beliefs, reflect back key themes and issues, and ask relevant and thought-provoking questions with a dispassionate and objective perspective. And I’m not shy about addressing difficult topics such as weaknesses and potential disparities between skill sets and desired outcomes.

Clients that work with me benefit from:

  • 3 decades of first-hand experience coaching and recruiting thousands of candidates

  • 3 decades of experience and feedback from working with hundreds of hiring managers from a wide variety of companies in multiple industries

  • Proven expertise successfully guiding clients through a custom-tailored discovery and search strategy processes

  • Proven expertise in creating your unique “career brand” that includes perfecting your LinkedIn profile, resume(s) and cover letter(s)

  • Proven expertise as an “interview expert” – you’ll approach every interview, for the rest of your life, from a place of confidence and ease.


Skill Set Assessment 100%
Opportunity Research 100%
Career Branding 100%
Expert Advice 100%

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San Francisco, California


I created this 3-3-3 Fast-Track Career Coaching process for people who were not interested in spending several months, and several thousand dollars, to arrive at the same conclusions they can reach in a matter of 3 weeks for a fraction of the cost.

If we fail to determine your top 2 to 3 job or career targets and position you perfectly for them, I’ll refund your money. In three decades I’ve never been asked for a refund. Ever.

  • Three weeks

  • Three hours

  • Three areas of concentration




I’ve been a career coach helping people make significant job and career changes, for over 3 decades. I’d love to hear your story and help you find and get the job or career you were meant to have.


(415) 383-7094




(415) 383-7094